“Real Cajun Outlook”

I’m a Louisiana Man sharing with the people around the world about our Culture.  I,ve watched movies about Louisiana people and i have heard others talk about us Cajun Folks and some were not very nice, but we still Love them. We Cajun Folks are different than a lot of other people from other States, but we are very loving and accept bad sayings. But we go on with our Life and enjoy our living and Love our Culture. I,ve traveled the USA as a hitch hiker for several years and it was my way of life and experienced many different Cultures and studied people. I guess you can say i’m a Professional at Profiling People and know how people change their attitudes and have different opinions and that is everyones choice. But we must all realize and accept the way people are lacking in Communication. We see this in marriages and Business and other types of Social Media. I enjoy Social Media and love people and i will continue to always learn to be better and hopefully help others along the way. We can all learn from each other, but we donot have to agree with other people’s opinions. But we can listen too them, and learn to listen to anyone in our relationships. I’ve climbed a few Mountains in the Rockies and you have to watch your steps very closely as you climb and can make some dangerous moves on your journey. But as you climb forward you can see your steps, but climbing down, you usually cannot follow the same steps that you climbed upward. And that can be very dangerous, we fail to realize that we donot understand other people’s feelings. Some people that we communicate with may be {down} in their own senses and our words could hurt. So, we must be very careful with our words and look at life a little different. In any type of sport like mountain climbing ,biking, tennis, baseball, football and many other sports we need special equipment. So, let us always examine the factor. I,ve climbed many Mountains without a Staff and sometimes never had Ropes to climb mountains and i could have lost my life in many situations. I,ve hung from the edges of cliffs by fingertips and had no ropes or tools to climb in some of those different areas. But that was very foolish and learned from that mistake and realized i had family back home and people that loved me. So, let us all learn from our daily walk in life and realize that we can make a differance in someones life. Just by Caring we can make a differance in any type of situation, and maybe someday the World will be a Better World to live in. There are many people in this Universe that have no idea that there is people that Care and need someone to tell them a Special Word. Yes, One Word can make a differance in your approach meeting someone. Cajun Folks here in Louisiana, believe about 90% of the families are really close. We really enjoy our Culture here in Louisiana: Dancing, Fishing, Hunting, Trapping, Food, Life.


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