Johnny Appleseed!

Growing in faith and walking daily in our beliefs! We all possibly heard of Johnny Appleseed. When I was in school I heard the story and always thought it was a Myth. I’ve seen cartoons and people always talked down on the character. But Johnny Appleseed was a Real person named John Chapman.

The Story says he was never married and lived in the wilderness. He traveled place to place planting Apple Trees and Traded and gave away Apples. He planted many trees and had an Apple Orchard several places along the river banks. The story is told that he was a religious man and believed in saving Nature different ways. He didn’t believe in riding horses and they said he saved wolves from traps and kept them as pets.

He also made friends with the Indians back then as well. They say that he also traveled along the river and traded Apples for a meal and visited with families. There were many families that said he shared the Word of God as though it was a fresh message from Heaven. Johnny Appleseed can really teach us a lesson about having faith and believing in Hope. Johnny Appleseed continued and although he was a strange character to many, he eventually became Wealthy. He sold Apples for 5 cents or 6 cents a piece.

Some say he sold real estate as well. But he pushed on and continued to conquer and make friends along the way. They say that he wore a sackcloth around his waist and was barefoot. He believed that it was a sacred thing and didn’t want wear any type of shoe. Johnny may have been strange too some people but he was definitely no dummy. If we really think of all the reaping and sowing part of planting and knowing that we can be progressive. We all look at things negative at times and we really need to be Positive thinkers and know that there is Hope. Let us all be Encouragers and strive too be the Best we can in everything.

We as Network Marketers should really learn from this message and know that we all have choices in life. We can either choose Life in a different way or we can choose to live a dull life and be as though we have death in our journey path.

Most people try to keep their distance from our Creator and don’t want to draw closer too Him. But if we wake up and notice, there are crazy things destroying our moral values. And it will take each person to stand firm in their beliefs and build a strong foundation for their family. Let us all take “Action” and secure our Nation with Hope.

Victor Courville


About windskipper

I'm a Louisiana Man looking for friend's to Connect with around the world. I love the Cajun /culture here in Louisiana and enjoy all the traditions.I enjoy the outdoors and Love People.
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